Wednesday, October 8, 2008

You Learn Something New Everyday...

I was so excited to buy a sugar pumpkin and make pumpkin puree. I actually made it and took some photos. I put it all into a mason jar, got out my immersion blender and whipped it all up into a puree and let it sit and cool off. Then I put it into the freezer because I wouldn't be using it until this weekend. Well, I looked in the freezer when I went to get something else out. It turns out that I must not have let it cool down enough. The glass broke. I had to throw out the puree so I never got to try it. I will make it again, but not until things are more settled at home. I will also post a picture or two of the puree that I made, but it may be a few days before I get the chance.
Regardless, here's how I made the puree.

1 sugar pumpkin, cut in half, stem, seeds and pulp removed

Place the pumpkin on a cookie sheet and cover each half with aluminum foil. Roast in an oven preheated to 325 degrees F for 1 to 1 1/2 hours. It will be ready when it is tender enough to easily poke with a fork. While still hot, scoop out the flesh and put into a blender or into a jar and use an immersion blender. Blend until you form a puree.
Then, as I learned, allow to fully cool before refrigerating or freezing.

As promised, here are the photos.