Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Lazy Catnap Kind of Day

It was a busy week for us all, including Riley and Nutmeg so we were all happy to see the weekend arrive. Riley was happy to relax in the office while I did a few things on the computer and Nutmeg, who is always with me when I'm home, was there too. She hadn't seen me for most of the week, so she insisted on being as close to me as possible. This is one of the few photos I managed to take that didn't show her as a blur while she tried to climb into my lap.

Riley was missing his dad since his dad was out during the day. This is Riley's "When is Papa coming home?" look.

Riley and Nutmeg haven't always gotten along and sometimes, they still have a few spats, but Nutmeg still adores her big brother. She knows that she's not allowed to get too close to him otherwise he'll get mad. This is her getting as close to him as she can without annoying him. The expression on her face just tells you how much she wants to turn around and climb on top of Riley and give him a good ol' snuggle.

There's a first time for everything!
Yesterday was actually the first time that Riley has ever let Nutmeg sleep so close to him. Look how happy she is!

He looks pretty happy too, but shhhh, don't tell him!

Every day should be spent like this!